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5 Myths About Office 365 Discovery Debunked

Microsoft’s Office 365 has faced its fair share of criticism regarding its usefulness for eDiscovery. Even after Microsoft introduced an expanded O365 Security & Compliance Center and added preservation support for overlooked data types such as blind carbon-copied emails and Skype for Business conversations, it still lacks the reporting and recording features that courts consider […]

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Getting Insight into Data Collections

At TotalDiscovery, we look at the overall business process—whether that’s preservation or discovery—in terms of how do you move as much information as quickly as possible and give insight on that information as early as possible to attorneys and other folks involved in the matter? In this short video, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery, illustrates […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use TotalDiscovery

To put it bluntly: If you don’t do a legal hold and preserve data properly, you are screwed. Spreadsheets and manual tracking are not reliable in today’s business environment for managing complex preservation tasks and processes. So we designed TotalDiscovery to provide a better, faster, cheaper way to ensure legal hold and preservation compliance. In […]

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Managing Multiple Legal Holds

If you’re a paralegal or attorney inside of an organization and you’re managing several different legal holds, it can be challenging to know exactly what’s going on in each hold. In this one-minute video, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery, shows how our legal hold management dashboard makes it easy to manage multiple legal holds. Simply […]

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Adding Custodians to a Legal Hold

One of the challenges that legal professionals have when issuing a legal hold and managing their preservation obligations is to identify and select custodians (recipients) of that hold. In this one-minute video, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery, shows you how easy it search, select and add custodians—or groups of custodians—using TotalDiscovery. You’ll also see how to […]

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Collecting Data from Custodians

Today corporate legal and IT professionals find themselves having to gather information and data for preservation and discovery across many different data sources. At TotalDiscovery, we accommodate as many as we can, both on the corporate side and also on the individual side. In this one-minute video above, Alon Israely, CEO of TotalDiscovery offers a […]

Introducing Our New Blog

I want to personally thank you for visiting TotalDiscovery’s new blog. As a leader in the industry for so many years by putting out legally defensible, innovative and cost-effective solutions, we’ve decided that it’s about time for a good source of interesting and helpful content related to Legal Holds, Preservation and Discovery. Legal Hold and […]

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